Local Parking Spots To Be Reserved For Car Sharing

Local Parking Spots To Be Reserved For Car Sharing
Photo: Andrew Dudley / Hoodline
By Andrew Dudley - Published on May 29, 2014.
About a dozen on-street parking spaces in the Lower Haight are slated to be reserved specifically for car-sharing companies as part of a citywide SFMTA plan.

We spotted flyers announcing the proposed changes posted on various utility poles around the neighborhood yesterday:

The SFMTA is planning to set aside up to 900 spaces around San Francisco for use by three private companies who applied for the rights – Getaround, Zipcar, and City CarShare – in an effort to discourage car ownership and decrease traffic congestion in the city.

As Streetsblog reported earlier this month, "reserving curbside parking spaces for exclusive use by car-share puts shared vehicles closer to more residents, making the service more convenient. Until now, car-share organizations have generally only been able to procure reserved spaces in off-street parking lots or garages, or at paved-over sites like gas stations that are often prime sites for redevelopment." 
Spaces destined for car-sharing designation in our area include:

  • 1 spot on the east side of Fillmore just north of Page
  • 1 spot on the west side of Fillmore just north of Waller
  • 1 spot on the north side of Haight  just east of Divisadero
  • 2 spots on the south side of Page just west of Pierce (pictured above)
  • 2 spots on the east side of Pierce just north of Haight
  • 2 spots on the west side of Webster north of Page
This batch of spaces is part of a summer pilot program involving about 450 parking spots citywide.  If initiated, the pilot program will be evaluated by the SFMTA for effectiveness before the agency decides whether to continue and expand it to an additional 450 spaces throughout the city.  For some perspective, there are approximately 281,000 total on-street parking spaces in San Francisco, according to SFMTA estimates.

As with all major transit projects in SF, this one's up for public discussion. The SFMTA will hold a public hearing to solicit input on the changes on Friday, June 13th at 10am, at City Hall Room 416.  Assuming the program moves forward, look for the first wave of 450 spots to be converted this summer, and the next wave to be installed some time next year.