Another Public Hearing Scheduled For Car Sharing Proposal

Another Public Hearing Scheduled For Car Sharing ProposalPhoto: Andrew Dudley / Hoodline
Andrew Dudley
Published on June 26, 2014
The SFMTA will hold another hearing soon regarding plans to lease dozens of local parking spots to car sharing companies.

As we reported last month, up to 900 spaces around the city could be set aside for three car-sharing companies: Getaround, Zipcar, and City CarShare.  As part of an SFMTA pilot project, those companies would pay the city between $50 and $225 per month per spot, depending on the location, plus a one-time fee of $400 per spot.  The stated goal of the project is "to expand the availability of car sharing across San Francisco, increase the usage of car sharing, and preserve or increase choice of car share organizations."

A public hearing was held on Friday, June 13th to get public feedback on the project, and according to flyers posted recently in the area around Waller and Steiner, a second hearing has now been scheduled.  That hearing will take place Friday, July 11th at 10am at City Hall Room 416.

Here's a working draft map of the proposed locations in our area. Orange signifies requests from City CarShare, blue represents Getaround, and green is Zipcar. The squares are unmetered space requests, while the circles are metered.

You can view the full map here.

If you can't make the July 11th hearing, you can still submit feedback via email to sustainable.streets {at} sfmta {dot} com with the subject line "Public Hearing," or by fax (!) to 415-701-4737.

We'll keep an eye on the project and will update with any developments.