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Madrone Gets A New Art Installation

Just in time for Divisadero's Art Walk tonight, Madrone is debuting its newest exhibition, followed by a formal artist’s reception this Saturday (June 28th) from 7pm to 9pm.
The installation, entitled “Not My Type”, is a collaboration between artists Annica Lydenberg (Dirty Bandits) and Mr. Never Satisfied (No Entry Design). Mr. Satisfied is a Brooklyn-based graffiti artist and graphic designer that frequently visits SF, and Lydenberg has recently relocated to the area from Brooklyn. Her background is in graphic design and printmaking, but she's been learning the ropes of sign painting for the past three years. The two didn’t meet one another until they were both on trips out West, and although the two have worked together on projects in the past, this is their first collaboration from start to finish.
The phrase on the west wall was thought up by Mr. Never Satisfied (he asked us not to use his real name). When we asked him what the piece was about, he ask, “Can you read it? ... I write down phrases that come into my head, usually at bars. I was bitching about always being a struggling artist.”
To create the piece, Mr. Never Satisfied first blocked out where the letters would go. Next, Lydenberg put in the basic outlines. Finally, he came back and filled in parts with white and changed portions of her lettering. When we caught up with them, they were still in the process of filling out their respective letters.

On the east side, each artist created separate panels to be hung next to one another. According to Lydenberg, “All of the pieces have opposite sentiment. Most of the stuff he paints are more negative and I tend to be more positive. For example, he painted ‘HELL NO’, and I painted “F*CK YES.”

Lydenberg is also behind the window art on display in front. The installation is entitled “Love For Sale” and draws its inspiration from the Brooklyn bodegas Lydenberg recently left behind. The bright pink signs are leftover from a show she did in early February at Little Lodge. In fact, it was at this show that Madrone owner Spike Krouse approached her to do their current installation.
“Not My Type” will be on display tonight at Madrone during the art walk. If you are out and about, swing by and check out the finished product.

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