San Francisco

The Wild Parrots Of Everywhere, San Francisco

You may have noticed, but the famous wild parrots of San Francisco, first publicized in Mark Bittner's book The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill and the documentary of the same name, aren't just for Telegraph Hill anymore.

In fact, in recent years, you're as likely to spot them in the Haight and NoPa as anywhere else. The photo of this little fellow above was taken by Craig Newmark.

If you haven't read the book or seen the documentary yet, do yourself a favor. The birds are so much an institution of San Francisco that they now have—brace yourself—their own Yelp page.

The birds, cherry-headed and blue-crowned conures, are the ever-expanding result of a released pet bird or two, now reported to be seen as far away as outlying San Francisco suburbs like Brisbane.

You're more likely to see them chattering around the skies above Golden Gate Park and the Panhandle than you are to find them perched on a branch, but if you hear friendly little bursts of laughter overhead, it's probably the parrots. 

If you have questions about what they eat, where they're from, or what their names once were, Mark Bittner has a whole font of information available on his web site.

So keep your eyes open next time you're lounging about the park, and give a little wave to our newly-native wildlife.

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