Party For Three-Legged Dogs In Duboce Park Sunday

Party For Three-Legged Dogs In Duboce Park Sunday
By Andrew Dudley - Published on July 08, 2014.
Got a Mastiff that's missing one leg? A Beagle that's blind in one eye? A Rhodesian Ridgeback that rolls up in a wheelchair?

Surely your little buddy deserves a party.

Bring your courageous companion down to Duboce Park this Sunday, where a group called Tri Pawed Dogs will be hosting a picnic dubbed "Three Legged Dogs Unite!!"

It's not a fundraiser, just a chance for canines with unique challenges (and their humans) to mix and mingle in the park for a few hours. There will be "prizes, but no contest," and possibly some entertainment. It's B.Y.O. everything else though, so if you're hungry, make sure to pack some grub.

The event goes down in Duboce from noon to 3pm this Sunday, July 13th. You can get more info on the Tri Pawed Dogs Facebook page.