Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on August 05, 2014
Hayes & Kebab To Close By September 30th

Bawer Tekin (right) and Muto Tekin. (Stephen Jackson/Hoodline)

Back in September, we broke the news that 580 Hayes, the address that houses Hayes & Kebab and its patio and parking lot, could be the future site of a 5-story mixed-use development. In June, we confirmed that a new building was indeed on the way, with 29 residential units, a basement-level parking garage, and 8,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. 

We stopped by recently to check in with Hayes & Kebab's owners, who told us that the construction timeline is set for them to vacate the location by the end of September. 

Bawer Tekin manages Hayes & Kebab and is part of the family that owns the restaurant. He told us that when the new landlords moved in five years ago, the restaurant was granted a five-year lease with the understanding that construction would begin at the end of that timeframe. So, in a refreshing change of pace, it sounds like the tenants and the landlords have been on the same page from the get-go. 

Tekin says that the family is optimistic about being able to return to the ground floor of the new building, though it will be under construction for an estimated 16 months. "We were born in Hayes Valley and we plan to stay here," he said. 

In the meantime, Tekin says that plans for the interim period include a food truck at Proxy, as well as a possible second location on Valencia and 20th Street.

So, though the restaurant (and its spacious patio) will be missed from the neighborhood, the closure will hopefully not spell the end for Hayes & Kebab. However, you'll want to grab that falafel wrap before September 30th, when the restaurant will be closing up shop on Hayes.