Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on August 06, 2014
Meet The New Sculpture Headed To Patricia's GreenRenderings via Hayes Valley Art Coalition
Last month, we bid adieu to  the Kate Raudenbush sculpture Future's Past, which occupied a central location on Patricia's Green for the last two years. 

Fractured Landscape, a new piece by Mark Baugh-Sasaki, is on the way to the newly vacated space. According to Madeline Behrens-Brigham, co-founder of the Hayes Valley Art Coalition (HVAC), the new sculpture "explores the relationship of the original landscape, the evolution of the actual freeway and the new domestic landscape." 

"We wanted to inform those who are new to our community about what had been," she told us, "and Mark is using concrete and steel as his medium to share that story."

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

As you can see in the renderings above, the installation will be composed of steel frames and suspended concrete blocks. Last week. the artist gave a progress report via Instagram, noting that all the concrete segments, weighing three tons  in total, are completed. That brings him a quarter of the way through the project, which is slated to arrive on site in late August or September. 

Russell Pritchard, owner of Zonal and HVAC's other co-founder, let us know that the group has secured half of the installation's budget from the Linden Street architect and developers at DDG and DM Development, which is the firm behind 8 Octavia as well as a couple other projects in the area. 

They are currently in conversations with other donors, but are still looking for private contributions, so if that's your kind of thing, swing by Zonal and let Russell know. And, if you haven't already checked out the art show "Hayes Valley Artists: Plus One", Russell tells us that 10% of the proceeds from the show will also go toward installation expenses.

We'll keep you updated on the timeline as Fractured Landscape makes its way to the neighborhood. In the meantime, what do you think of the new installation? Let us know in the comments.