Upper Haight Commercial Real Estate Round-Up

Upper Haight Commercial Real Estate Round-UpPhoto: Camden Avery/Hoodline
Camden Avery
Published on August 27, 2014
In the latest storm of commercial changes marking the Haight, one thing is remarkable: commercial vacancies are going, or gone. Recent openings include Diamond Supply Co., Cukui, Street Taco, and (soon, we think) Fresh Apparel.
First in the roster of spots currently available is the former Son Loy laundry at 784 Stanyan (above), which remains vacant but is currently mid-renovation, as noted by Golden City. The site is listed for $6,500 a month by Lockehouse real estate, and is advertised as ideal for "fitness, bank/credit union, salon, café or restaurants." There are no active permits on file for the space, so it appears to be a lease-with-buildout kind of deal.

Then there are the spaces in the building on 1300-1322 Haight and Central, which made a surprise market entrance just a couple of weeks ago, at about $4,500 per month per storefront.

The former All You Knead space at 1466 remains vacant, possibly due in part to the steep asking rate of $12,000 a month. The soft story retrofit work on the building was scheduled to be done last month, which hopefully means the makeshift flophouse (complete with sofas, etc.) has moved out.

There's also a squeaky new listing for 1669 Haight—currently the new bike rental shop and formerly Hoodlab—that advertises the 1,350 square feet available at about $9,500 a month. Lastly, there's that perennially available spot on the 1800 block of Haight at Laguna Cafe.

If you're thinking of opening up a new business, those are your current real estate options (and here's a handy wishlist of what the neighborhood wants to see move in). We'll keep you posted of new developments, whether it be a much-craved Asian food outlet or otherwise.