Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on September 02, 2014
"Looking" Returns To The Lower Haight Next WeekPhoto: Andrew Dudley / Hoodline
It's baaaaack.

The HBO series Looking is currently filming its second season, and has at least one scene on tap in the Lower Haight.

Reader Nick S. alerts us to a notice he received about filming scheduled for next Friday, September 12th, from noon until 2am. The filming is described as an exterior scene at 770 Haight Street. Long-time readers might recognize that address as the fictitious home of Looking's main character Patrick; it also served as a setting for other recent film shoots including Milk and Big Sur.

According to the notice:

"A few characters (3) are having a conversation on the outdoor stoop of a private residence on Haight St."
To accommodate the production, expect no parking signs on the 700 block of Haight, as well as on nearby sections of Scott and Pierce.

A separate notice spotted by reader Dan J. indicates filming will also occur that day around 100 Church Street, outside of Out of the Closet.

Last fall, Looking was a regular presence in the Lower Haight for nearly two months. So far, we only know of this single day of filming planned in the neighborhood for the upcoming season, but if that should change we'll certainly let you know.