Panhandle Park Prepares For A Renovation

Earlier this summer, the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council announced Supervisor London Breed's successful application for $500K in city funds to improve the Panhandle Park.

This week, we checked back in with San Francisco Recreation and Parks to hear more about the funding, which is scheduled to become available in two $250K dispersals, one each to be made in fiscal years (July to June) 2014 and 2015. 

This is to be applied at the same time as a $100K allowance in funding for Buena Vista Park improvements, including tree grooming. It's also happening at the same time as the city's continued construction along Oak and Fell, and just two years after the protracted reconstruction of the pedestrian paths and garden at Ashbury.

Rec and Parks Deputy Director of Public Affairs Connie Chan said in an email that the initial funding, an add-back from the city's general fund, is just part of "a multi-million project to completely renovate the Panhandle." 

The first rounds of funding, Chan said, would allow the city "to first begin with making improvements to pedestrian safety including lighting, signage, and marking paths to reduce pedestrian and bike conflicts particularly along the Oak Street south-side path." Details have not yet emerged on what the rest of the overhaul will entail. 

The word of improved lighting will be a relief to bikers and pedestrians, who have been traversing the Panhandle bike path warily after news of continued attacks on bicyclists and robberies after dark.

Chan said that while the city is bogged down with a lot of park overhauls in the pipeline, we can expect the first phase of construction on the Panhandle to commence mid-2015.

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