Today Is Election Day: Get Out And Vote

Today Is Election Day: Get Out And Vote
Photo: Andrew Mager/flickr
By Roy - Published on November 04, 2014.
Ready to feel the thrill of fulfilling one's civic duty? 

Yes, today is election day, and there are many city seats and measures of concern for San Francisco residents up for your vote. In addition to issues up for vote in the city, statewide balloting is covering important issues ranging from water infrastructure to criminal sentencing to drug testing for doctors. So get excited. 

Where do I vote?

If you're looking for where you go to vote (or trying to use confusion as an excuse for not voting), here is a handy tool. Just input your registered voting address and it will give you your polling location and a map so you can see where to go. 

Do I need to show photo identification?

No, you do not need to have photo identification to vote in California because the great citizens of the Golden State are not savages (*cough* Texas *cough*). If it is your first time voting and you did not fill out your drivers license or state identification number on your voter registration form, you may be required to show identification, but that could be as simple as flashing a utility bill with your name and address.

When does voting end?

The polls open at 7am and close at 8pm. (If you're in line to vote at 8pm, you should still be allowed to complete the process). This should give you plenty of time to head to a polling place, so plan accordingly.

What am I voting on?

Hoodline has put together a voter guide that gives you the rundown on the most important candidates and propositions facing voters today, so if you need a refresher, go ahead and take a look

The League of Women Voter's has also put together a voters guide featuring the pros and cons of various local and statewide ballot measures. If you are still not sure how you're going to vote today, their impartial and mostly jargon-free legislative summaries should be able to help inform you.

After you've voted, be sure to wear your "I Voted!" sticker and shame any of your friends who haven't done so yet. 

We'll see you at the polls, voters.