Outdoor Movies And Live Music Approved For Proxy

Outdoor Movies And Live Music Approved For Proxy
Photo: Andrew Dudley/Hoodline
By Rose Garrett - Published on December 11, 2014.
Remember back in May, when we reported that outdoor movie screenings were being planned for the Proxy space at Hayes and Octavia, and then in August, when we let you know that organizers were seeking a "limited live performance permit" from the Entertainment Commission?
Last week, the Entertainment Commission finally weighed in on the matter, and the result—unanimous approval—is good news for fans of outdoor movies and live music.

Douglas Burnham, a principal at Envelope A+D (the firm behind the project), presented at the December 2nd meeting and shared some insights into future plans for the space, which has been leased for the next six years. (After 2020, look for the space to potentially become a mixed-used residential and retail development.)

Among plans for Proxy's newest incarnation is a film festival to potentially take place in the fall and movie screenings that could begin as early as spring 2015. Live music could also be in the works, and Burnham stated that SFJazz could potentially be involved with some outdoor music performances. Both movie screenings and music would adhere to the 10pm curfew on noise that's in place in the neighborhood. 

Burnham assured the commission that this would not be a continuous venue, but rather a space for occasional outdoor use. He went on to note that the project received no negative feedback when neighbors were notified of the new plans. 

In the works are two additional retail-oriented shipping containers that will arrive in the spring and make the open space that currently houses Ritual Coffee and Juice Shop's "Juice Box" feel more enclosed, mitigating some of the sound issues that might arise. 

Though Captain Greg McEachern of Northern Station voiced some concerns over the new plans from the law enforcement angle, which mostly focused on worries about excessive noise, the commission lauded the innovative and community-building focus of the Proxy project. The new permit was approved with the conditions that Proxy share a calendar of events with police and the Entertainment Commission, and that an initial sound test as well as sound-testing for specific types of programming be in effect. 

As for exactly when movies and more might be rolling out at Hayes and Octavia, plans are still in the works, and there's a crowdfunding element at play. "We still have a number of loose ends to pick up and tie up," said Lindsey Schott, communications director for envelope A+D. "Our new goal is to launch the crowdsourcing campaign in early 2015." 

As always, we'll keep you posted.