Sightglass Coffee Confirmed For Former KJ Produce

Sightglass Coffee Confirmed For Former KJ Produce
By Rose Garrett - Published on December 16, 2014.
Since October 2012, the former KJ Produce storefront has sat vacant on the corner of Divisadero and Page, leaving local residents guessing as to what would be next for the space.

As interior construction began on the space this year, rumors swirled as to the space's next incarnation. One such rumor, that popular local coffee company Sightglass was setting up shop, was flatly denied to us by the company's owners, who responded to our March 2014 inquiry with a breezy, "Wish it were true, as that's a great location! This is the first we've heard of this rumor."

Well, time makes fools of us all. Today, Tablehopper reports that Sightglass is indeed moving into the neighborhood after talks with the property owner that have spanned more than a year. 

Tablehopper brings word that Sightglass' Justin and Jerad Morrison, who live nearby, aim to transform the 2,000-square-foot space into a spot where the community can "hang out and enjoy getting together over a cup of something delicious," though there aren't too many details yet to be had. 

Currently in the middle of structural upgrade, they're set to get the keys in early February, and are targeting end of summer 2015 for an opening timeframe. 

We'll keep you posted as the dramatic change to this corner of the neighborhood unfolds.