Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on December 19, 2014
You Asked: Why Did The Wording Change On The New Muni Lane?Photo: Andrew Dudley / Hoodline
Some astute readers have noticed that the wording has changed on the new red traffic lane on the eastern end of Haight Street. But why?

When the new Muni-only lane opened in October, the phrase "BUS ONLY" was originally painted at several intervals along the two-block stretch. It was meant to convey that only Muni buses could use the new eastbound lane, which promises to shave several minutes off the average commute.

But in the last few weeks, the SFMTA began replacing the word "BUS" with "MUNI" at various spots along the two-block stretch. Was it because commuter shuttles or tour buses were mistakenly using the lane, as some readers suggested?

No — at least not according to SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose.

"It was always legislated to say 'Muni'; not 'bus,' Rose told us.

The original resolution, approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors in October of 2011, does indeed define it as a "Muni-only lane." So, "bus" was apparently an error.

Vernacular confusion aside, the new lane has proven an undeniable hit, at least amongst our unscientific focus group of friends and neighbors. What about you, reader? Any thoughts on our new express route to the east?