Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on January 06, 2015
Streetwear Retailer Cookies SF Headed To 1423 Haight StreetPhoto: CookiesSF
Cookies SF, a retailer of mid-priced casual clothing and weed-related swag, will soon be moving into the True Clothing shoe shop at 1423 Haight, immediately next to Pink + Dolphin.

Currently existing in online and popup form only, the clothing and pot-ephemera brand is a project fronted and owned by the rapper Berner, who announced the move to the Haight via Twitter:

The store's offerings will be close kin to Black Scale, Diamond Supply Co., Pink + Dolphin and the like, further solidifying the Haight's newfound status as an urban streetwear nexus. Cookies apparel is currently available at True (1415 Haight) and at Puff Puff Pass (1417 Haight).

Berner tells us that opening a store on Haight Street was a big move in the right direction for the brand, in part because the climate for posh urban street fashion already exists here. "I think it'll be perfect," he said. "It's a great move for us." 

No word yet on the exact open-for-business date, but we'll keep you posted with updates about Cookies' move to the hood.