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Behind Laguna Street's 'Wall Of Wind' Art Installation

Last month, we told you about an upcoming art installation planned for Laguna at Hayes, and in the past week and a half, the new art sculpture has come to fruition on the wall at 540 Laguna St. 

The wall has been home to a few installations in the past few months, from the World Cup flags last June to House of Holes in September.  Now, husband-and-wife team Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz have completed their project, the most ambitious yet of the wall's installations.

As a reminder, the pair are behind Waterlily Pond, a flower-based art studio located in the San Francisco. Natasha's background is in engineering, though her interest in Japanese Ikebana floral design inspired her to push her work into creative realms. Daniel is the "technical lead" of their team, combining his architectural skills and structural engineering ideas with Natasha's design inspiration. 

Past works include Flornado (a unique flower tornado that measured 20 feet tall), and Elemental (an 800 pound floral art piece), both of which were exhibited at the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. 

For this piece, 22 aluminum frames that measure 7' tall are woven with a unique mix of string and tree branches. Each frame is designed to catch the wind, similar to a kite, and the frames are anchored to the wall, allowing them to spin with the breeze.

Here's a peek at what went into the installation:

If you appreciate the work behind this piece, consider donating to the project's Indiegogo campaign, which ends today (Ed. note: as of now, they have reached their Indiegogo goal). All funds for the project were raised by the artists themselves, and went to supplies and welding.

As Natasha told us last month, they're aiming to keep the installation up for two months to start. "If the owner likes it and it looks good, we'll leave it for longer," she said. So next time you stroll past Laguna and Hayes, take a moment to look up and see what's happening between the wind and the wall.


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