Upper Haight First Thursdays Relaunching This Week

Upper Haight First Thursdays Relaunching This Week

Photo: Jonathan Mueller/Flickr

By Camden Avery - Published on February 04, 2015.

Last December, Adam Brodner, the manager of the Goorin Bros. Haight Street store, rallied for participation in a First Thursdays event for the Upper Haight.

Rolled out on December 4th but quietly woven into the long retail build-up to Christmas, the first iteration of a Haight First Thursday was a test run of sorts that included a handful of local merchants offering a combination of snacks and beverages.

Now, Broder says Haight Street merchants are ready to gear up for a recurring monthly night out featuring stores and socializing. The idea, as originally proposed by Brodner, is that the Haight has a lot to offer but is typically frequented more heavily by tourists than by its own residents in the 'hood and in surrounding Cole Valley, Ashbury Heights and NoPa.

So tomorrow, February 5th, Haight Street merchants will be dusting off the champagne glasses for you, its nearest and dearest neighbors.

Here's the breakdown so far, as confirmed by Brodner and to be expanded upon over the next 24 hours:

  • Mom's Tattoo Parlor, 1408 Haight: $40 tooth gems.
  • Pink + Dolphin, 1431 Haight: Spring sale on merchandise.
  • Goorin Bros., 1446 Haight: 5pm-8pm, refreshments, free love beads, 15 percent off merchandise and a Psychedelic Sound Baptism with musical guest Hibbidy Dibbity Swamp Funk.
  • Ambiance, 1458 Haight: champagne, snacks, 15 percent off regular merchandise and 25 percent off sale merchandise.
  • Skunkfunk, 1475 Haight: refreshments and live fashion illustration.
  • Shoe Biz, 1553 Haight: music by a live DJ, an art show by local artists and 10 percent discount on merchandise.
  • Kid Robot, 1512 Haight: free Keith Haring beanie with purchases over $25.
  • Haight Ashbury Tattoos, 1525 Haight: 10 percent off merchandise and $20 ear rims.
  • Traffic, 1597 Haight: 20 percent off all merchandise, with snacks and champagne.
  • Piper's Shoe Parlor, 1682 Haight: happy hour drinks and 15 percent off new spring merchandise.

So grab some drinks, stroll around, and we'll see you out there.