Urban School Receives Conditional Use Permit For Campus Expansion

As we reported in December, Urban School planned to meet with the Planning Commission in early 2015 after getting community feedback for its planned expansion project. Last Thursday, the Planning Commission unanimously approved the school's application for a conditional use permit to expand its North Campus. 

Construction will begin in April with what organizers are calling Phase One, which will include the academic and athletic centers. Phase Two, which will happen later, will convert the existing St. Agnes gym into a performing arts facility, including a 300-seat theater. Through the course of the project, they'll also add additional classrooms and office space, a full-sized gymnasium and locker rooms, seating for the entire student body, as well as underground parking, all of which will allow the school to increase its student body from 380 to 420 students. 

The project has been in the works since 2013, when Urban signed the lease for the space and started the process to get renovations approved. Now that the folks at Urban have got full approval, they'd like to thank everyone for their support:

Thank you to our many friends, families and partners for your tremendous support. It’s been gratifying over the last two years as we have actively worked toward Planning Commission approval to know that our community is so strongly behind the plans to complete our campus. We will be updating you soon on our next steps and construction plans.

They've also got some charming statements from students who were asked to present to the planning commission. Here's one, and you can click through to their newsletter to read others: 

Kira: "Everybody at Urban works together in the classroom and beyond to enhance each other's experiences, ranging from building robots to acting out Hamlet and even perfecting a simple jump shot on the court. But Urban is not just about learning, it is also about growing. Everyday, we sit cooped up on Page street growing together as one small community. So now, in the Urban spirit we ask you to help us, continue to grow."

The folks at Urban are committed to keeping community groups and neighbors included in their plans, so if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact them by email at oakstreetproject [at] urbanschool [dot] org. 

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Urban school receives conditional use permit for campus expansion