Hip 'Moxy By Marriott' Hotel In The Works Near The Wharf

A hip boutique-style hotel is expected to sprout on the old Tower Records site at 1196 Columbus Ave., according to public records and the developer's website.

J Street Hospitality has a rendering on its site of a "Moxy by Marriott" planned for the spot, and Planning Department documents indicate that a four-story, 65-room hotel is in the works. According to plans, it will be 40 feet high and 27,274 square feet, and will include a lobby, lounge/bar and commonly accessibly roof deck fronting Bay Street and Columbus Avenue. The plans don't include off-street parking, but there will be six bicycle parking spaces.

Moxy by Marriott Milan. Photo: Courtesy of Marriot

J Street Hospitality and a publicist for Moxy by Marriott were both reached and declined to give further information for this article, but according to public records, the construction would cost $11,700,000. The old building on the site would be demolished.

Troy Campbell, executive director of Fisherman's Wharf Community Benefit District, said he was unaware of the plans for the hotel, but also that it's not technically in the group's area. However, he said he was in favor of activating the corner, which has long been blighted. “It could make a great addition to the Wharf," he said. "Fisherman's Wharf has some of the highest occupancy and highest room rates in the city, so definitely there’s enough room for another hotel.”

Moxy by Marriott Milan lounge. Photo: Courtesy of Marriott

Moxy by Marriott, according to its website, has one hotel so far in Milan, with others opening in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, London and Oslo. The site also says, "Building upon a successful introduction in Europe, Moxy’s fun, spirited brand will launch in eight US metropolitan locations, including properties in New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans and Chicago."

The brand positions itself as an affordable boutique experience, with a chic, modern design, comfortable beds, and a "vibrant social scene." It says, "It’s just like home, but with a bartender."

According to the developer's website, the hotel is expected to open in summer of 2018.

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