Introducing Hoodline North Beach And Financial District

Ever since Hoodline began life as Lower Haight neighborhood blog Haighteration more than five years ago, we’ve fielded requests for a North Beach expansion. Meanwhile, we’ve gradually realized that a lot of our readers work or live further down Market Street than our current coverage area.

And so today, we're excited to say that Hoodline is now providing daily neighborhood news coverage of North Beach, the Financial District, and its surrounding neighborhoods. With this new addition, plus our fresh Tenderloin coverage in collaboration with Central City Extra, we're now publishing daily neighborhood stories from Upper Market to the Bay.

Geri Koeppel will be leading our coverage in this part of the city. She’s been a professional journalist for more than 20 years, and most recently served as the editor and publisher of Barbary Coast News. As a local resident, she has been breaking news and uncovering the details of the northeastern neighborhoods since she took the publication over from founder Connie Hazel.

Some of our favorite articles include Geri's detailed coverage of the big Chinese food/cultural center, her scoop on the Embarcadero fake monks, the port stories, and her ongoing coverage of the development issues happening around the district.

With this new coverage area, you can expect us to bring the daily mix of stories you're used to, including news about transportation, crime, events, and development issues, along with profiles of local businesses, community organizations, artists, and more.

Starting today, you can look for Geri and the rest of us to provide you with:

  • Daily coverage of North Beach, with less frequent coverage of Fisherman's Wharf, northern Embarcadero, Telegraph Hill and Chinatown.
  • Daily coverage of the Financial District, including Jackson Square, Union Square, central Embarcadero and a little bit of eastern SoMa.

Ways To Read

We provide the news in almost any format you want (except print). To read along, add these new neighborhoods by selecting them on the right panel of Hoodline's homepagesign up on the site to get an email or an RSS feed of stories from your favorite neighborhoods, and get our iPhone app, which lets you get push notifications whenever we publish.

And finally, you can also follow North Beach on Facebook at HoodlineNorthBeach, and on Twitter at @HL_NorthBeachThe existing Barbary Coast News social accounts will transition to Hoodline Financial District, and can be found at HoodlineFidi on Facebook, and @HL_FiDi on Twitter.

Why the separation? The Barbary Coast has a long and (in)glorious history going back to the 1800s, and it covers a large, dense geographic area. We're dividing up BCN's traditional range to make it easier for you to find the news that's happening nearby. 

Barbary Coast News readers should note that Barbary Coast News' website will remain for the time being, but its archives and email subscribers will transition over to Hoodline in the coming weeks. If you'd like to know more about Geri's move to Hoodline, here's her announcement over at Barbary Coast News.

Want us to cover a news story, issue, or question you've got in the neighborhood? You can contact Geri at geri (at) hoodline (dot) com, and as always, send us your tips via tips {at} hoodline {dot} com or submit a tip here.

And if you're a local who lives, works, or spends time in and around North Beach and the Financial District, and you think you'd like to write about your neighborhood, we'd like to hear from you via editor (at) hoodline (dot) com.

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