Iza Ramen Plots Permanent Castro Location

Iza Ramen Plots Permanent Castro Location

Photo: Iza Ramen/Facebook

By Rose Garrett - Published on April 01, 2015.

The Castro's food scene may soon be getting a fresh addition, as Iza Ramen has announced plans for a brick-and-mortar location in the neighborhood.

Iza Ramen has existed as a popular weekend pop-up inside Bryant Street's Blowfish Sushi since 2013, garnering an enthusiastic following. Now, Iza's Tomoko Sugiyama says that chef/owner Ritsuo Tsuchida "would love to share his passion for new permanent restaurant after doing pop-up for more than two years."

"We are so excited to open our shop at the very center of Castro!" Sugiyama told Hoodline, and Iza Ramen looks to be aiming for an April move to the neighborhood, with Ramen Ju-Bay filling its spot at Blowfish Sushi.

As Tablehopper notes, Iza Ramen has filed a liquor license transfer application for 544 Castro St., the current location of Dante's Table. However, we were unable to confirm any changes at the current space, known for its lush back patio space, and the owners of Dante's Table say it's "business as usual" at the location, which has been open since April 2013.

According to Iza Ramen's website, "Iza ramen is comprised of painstakingly slow-cooked, impossibly tender BBQ pork belly, fatty triple-stock broth, perfectly chewy noodles, a soy-marinated 6-minute egg, and a variety of other tasty topping options." For a glimpse at what may be in store for the Castro, check out Iza Ramen's menu here

Stay tuned for updates on when and where Iza Ramen might finalize plans to debut in the neighborhood.