Viper Vapor For Sale, Citing Lack of Business

Viper Vapor For Sale, Citing Lack of Business
Photo: Nuala Sawyer / Hoodline
By Nuala Sawyer - Published on May 21, 2015.

After less than a year and a half on Divis, Viper Vapor at 260 Divisadero St. is for sale.

The shop first opened in December of 2013, offering up a wide array of e-cigarette options at a time when e-cigs were just hitting the market. The shop caters to both newbies and the more experienced, with kits starting at $65 and reaching $350.

But, as multiple tipsters have noted, Viper Vapor is up for sale. Owner Cedric Han told us that it has not been forced out, but that it has seen a decline in business recently. He pointed out that Divisadero doesn't have much foot traffic during the day, making it hard to operate a retail business on the street, but that he doesn't have any clear theories on why the business began to falter.

E-cigarettes began to take off in popularity in 2012, and according to statistics gathered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, use is only growing, particularly among teenagers . NPR recently reported that e-cigarettes have surpassed regular cigarette use for U.S. teenagers, with 450,000 middle school students and 2 million high school students using e-cigarettes regularly despite the purchasing age being 18 and above.

Many head shops in the Upper Haight now offer e-cigarettes and accessories, as well as Sam's Smoke Shop right down the street from Viper Vapor. 

In January of this year, San Francisco's Tobacco Free Coalition launched a campaign called #CurbIt in an attempt to educate the public about where it's okay to vape, and where it's not. The ad, which was posted on buses throughout the city, reminded smokers that e-cigarettes are harmful, and are only permitted to be smoked at the curbside (not inside or near businesses).

If you're inspired to breath some fresh energy into the local vaping business, you can email bud {at} ggbusinessadvisors {dot} com for more information on purchasing Viper Vapor. As of right now, no serious offers have been made.

The store will be open through the end of the month, so you may want to swing in the next couple weeks to stock up if you're so inclined.

Thanks to tipsters Tom and Amy for the heads-up.