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You may have noticed a new kind of post here on Hoodline, but we need your help to make it work.

Since the early days of Haighteration, we've encountered a certain class of story idea that maybe isn't a full story but is worth sharing with readers. Sometimes we get a reader question, tweet or photo, or we see or hear interesting tidbits when we're walking around a neighborhood.

To help share all this information with you, we've created a quick type of post that you'll start to see a lot more of. These posts may only include a Twitter or Instagram embed, photo or GIF, brief quote or bit of text and link.

Some recent examples include:

What do we need your help with? Keep sending us your tips, your photos and observations, either via email, tips line or Twitter. Sometimes your suggestions will form the basis of longer stories, but when we don't have much to add or want to ask the rest of the neighborhood what they think, we'll just post as a mini-story.

The format will be like what you see in the links above. If you tip us, we'll include your first name and the first initial of your last name unless you request otherwise. If you use Twitter, we'll embed your tweet.

The result should be more relevant, fresh information about what's happening around you.

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