Hoodline Now Covers South Of Market

Do you live, work or spend time in SoMa? Today, we're expanding our daily neighborhood coverage to the South of Market area.

Look for our mix of hard news, profiles of local businesses, community organizations and people, plus history, off-beat news and more, stretching from the Embarcadero all the way past Folsom and 10th street to that curvy blob that's occasionally called "western SoMa." The boundaries are loosely drawn above.

What new buildings and companies will shape the skyline along 4th Street? How will the traffic nightmare be resolved (or not) through the planned transit extensions to the Transbay Terminal and the addition of more bike infrastructure? What communities, businesses and buildings will preserve, lose or grow their places in SoMa?

As Hoodline's coverage has traveled down Market, our stories have increasingly overlapped with these topics. Now our team will, too. 

  • Nuala Sawyer (@lightexposures), who currently leads coverage from Divisadero through Hayes Valley to the Tenderloin, will now also cover the westernmost section.
  • Brittany Hopkins (@britthopkins), who has been contributing Tenderloin coverage since March, will expand her focus south in the central part of the neighborhood. And speaking of, we'll also run Central City Extra stories about the area since our partner paper covers relevant topics.
  • Geri Koeppel (@gerikoeppel), who joined us in April from her Barbary Coast News site to head up North Beach and Financial District coverage, will also be writing about the eastern SoMa neighborhoods including southern FiDi, Rincon Hill and the waterfront down to the ballpark. 
  • Helping us this summer will be Angeline Ubaldo (@angelineubaldo), an incoming senior in the San Francisco State journalism program. We published a couple of her stories about Western Addition earlier this year, and we're excited to have her as the first ever Hoodline intern. 

Ways To Connect

Tipsters are a key way that Hoodline gets its stories, so if you live in SoMa and want us to look into something, please email tips (at) hoodline (dot) com or tweet at @HoodlineSF. We might hat-tip you or embed your tweet in a resulting article, or we might feature it as its own what we call "mini story" (a feature we launched this week.)

Even better would be if you want to write actual stories for us. Just tell us a little about your interests here and we'll get back to you shortly. We pay per post for regular neighborhood writers and offer a monthly stipend for neighborhood editors.

And if you just want to read, we provide the news in almost any format you want (except print). To get the news, add SoMa by selecting it on the right filter panel of Hoodline's homepage, or sign up on the site to get an email or an RSS feed of stories from your favorite neighborhoods, and get our iPhone app, which lets you get push notifications whenever we publish. 

You can also follow Hoodline SoMa news on Twitter at @HL_SoMa or via our main Facebook account for Hoodline SF.

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