Park Station Plans Website For Homeless Outreach, Residents' Complaints

It's been quite a year for Park Station. So far in 2015, it's weathered a new Captain, a 4/20 celebration, a street fair, a rash of car break-ins, and a constant stream of complaints about the McDonald's at Stanyan. Add to all that the normal summer influx of homeless people to Haight Street, and police in charge of the area have had their hands full.

This summer, officers at Park Station are taking on another project: a homelessness initiative that both empowers residents to work with Park Station's homeless outreach team (HOT) and connects homeless people with services available to them in one convenient online hub. 

As officers Ryan Crockett and Jeff Sung described it in a recent newsletter: 

"The goal is to make a website where we can get real time homeless related complaints from residents. You would be able to provided pictures and locations of your complaints. If you see an illegal encampment in Golden Gate Park or one of the Parks in the Park District, I want to be able to give the complainant a way to Geocode the location to make it easier for Officers to find. I also want to include on the website every available homeless outreach service the city has to offer ... This would include setting up a date and time where we can assist in a transport to Homeward Bound, a phone call to a family member, or helping individuals obtain a form of identification or a birth certificate sent to them."

According to the same newsletter, Park Station gets 2-4 calls per week from family members and friends of homeless people believed to be living in the park, and the website aims to take a big step toward bridging that gap.

We reached out to Park Station Captain Sanford to find out when the roll-out for this new feature can be expected. He told Hoodline that one of the officers working on the project recently left for family and medical leave, but that the project is still in the works. "Expect an update at our August community meeting," Captain Sanford said, so stay tuned for more on the project later in the summer.

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