Health Department Shuts Down Slider's Diner In Yet Another Castro Vermin Infestation [Updated]

Health Department Shuts Down Slider's Diner In Yet Another Castro Vermin Infestation [Updated]
Photos: Steven Bracco/Hoodline
By Steven Bracco - Published on July 08, 2015.

In what has become an all-too-common occurrence of late in the Castro, another neighborhood restaurant has been temporarily shut down by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) for a vermin infestation.

This time, it's burger-and-fry joint Slider's Diner, which is not to be confused with Sliderbar at Market and 16th, which got shut down for the second time by health inspectors back in May. 

Due to an imminent health hazard, Slider's had their permit suspended yesterday until further notice. The notice of closure, hung in the window, specifies 'Vermin Infestation' as the cause.

No specific vermin was mentioned, but if the other recent closures in the Castro are any indication, the culprit is most likely cockroaches. We contacted the SFDPH for comment, but did not immediately hear back.

[Update, 7/9: This morning, we were able take a look at the report from the Health Department inspection that took place on July 7th. The report confirms our previous speculation that cockroaches were observed, but also notes that there rodents are present as well. Slider's must "immediately eliminate cockroach and rodent activity utilizing a licensed pest control operator," per the report.

During the inspection, rodent droppings were observed throughout under-counter shelving at the front service and cook line area, in the rear prep area behind and underneath equipment, as well as in the upstairs storage area. The Health Department is requiring that all affected areas be "thoroughly cleaned and sanitized," and that Slider's "clean and maintain garbage areas in a manner that does not attract vermin."]

Slider's Diner's last food safety inspection, in September 2014, earned them a score of 81, with inspectors noting a moderate risk of vermin infestation. 

Vermin infestations have sparked a rash of Health Department closures in the Castro in recent months. The issues started last October, when Sliderbar was closed due to a cockroach infestation, a violation that occurred again in late May. Then-new restaurant ManDu (now Janchi) was shuttered in May for the same reason. Posh Bagel was also temporarily closed for cockroaches in May. 

With so many recent closures, it remains to be seen if there is a notable uptick in cockroaches throughout the neighborhood, or if the Health Department is just enacting a tougher-than-normal crackdown on violators. 

Hopefully, neighborhood businesses will be able to curb the closures and rid their locations of any current and future infestations. We will keep you updated with any new information about Slider's closure and planned reopening as we receive it.