New Mural Offers A Visual History Tour Of The Haight

New Mural Offers A Visual History Tour Of The Haight
Photo: Camden Avery/Hoodline
By Camden Avery - Published on July 18, 2015.

You might have noticed a new addition at the southwest corner of Haight and Masonic this week: a giant, eight-by-eight-foot QR code painted over a neon pink-and-orange peace sign.

The new mural is the work of Stan Flouride, a longtime resident of the Haight, ubiquitous local walking tour guide, and Roberts Hardware employee. Flouride has lived in the 'hood since the 1970s, and is recognizable as a permanent fixture of the Upper Haight.

The QR code is painted on a fence next to his apartment, one building back from Haight and slightly behind the southbound bus stop.

Rather than an advertisement or commercial website, the code links to Flouride's 200-plus archive of historic images of the neighborhood, featured on his personal website.

Painting the code was an involved, multi-step process detailed at length on the site, and included generating the code in the first place, transferring it to a grid, scaling it up, and chalking it out with magnets and lines over the peace sign backdrop.

So the next time you're around, snap the code and start looking through images of the Haight of yesteryear.