Streetlight Records To Close For Good This Saturday

Streetlight Records To Close For Good This Saturday
Photos: Brian Ray/Hoodline
By Brian Ray - Published on July 28, 2015.

Back in January, we reported that Streetlight Records, a neighborhood fixture, was planning to close after 35 years on Market Street. That time has come, as the music retailer plans to shutter for good on Saturday, August 1st.

A SocketSite article reports that the building's owner, Robert Fallon, listed the entire two-story building for sale last week for $2.4 million, and then subsequently reduced the price to $1.9 million this week.

"No one is happy about this, other than the owner," an employee (who preferred not to be named) told Hoodline. "The owner pulled the plug, so Saturday is our last day."

Over the remaining days, there will be a big sale to clear out remaining items. "The powers that be took away a lot of our cooler merchandise, so it's basically a big swap meet now," the employee explained, "but there's still some good stuff and everything is 50 percent off."

We browsed the remaining offerings, and saw some impressive remaining stock of CDs, VHS tapes and vinyl records.

Streetlight Records has two additional locations in Santa Cruz and San Jose. Calls to both confirmed that they are open and will not be closing.

Comments in our original article range from sorrow over the loss to acknowledgment that the closure may have been inevitable in today's digital age:

  • "It's always sad to see a longtime storefront go, but I think they could have adapted their business model a bit to keep up with both technological and neighborhood changes." - tengoodeyes
  • "This is terrible. I love nice older men, and the cute twink boys who work there." - beansalesastrology
  • "I'm surprised, considering the revival that vinyl has been experiencing." -p_chazz
  • "Sad but it seems inevitable that physical media retailers are going to have a more difficult time." - Karl Young
  • "What a shame. Such an asset to the neighborhood ... retail is changing. The internet has changed how, when and where we buy." - N649309 PG70

Streetlight Records is located at 2350 Market St., so head over and peruse their remaining items before it's gone for good.