Barbary Coast Cannabis Dispensary Expanding With Samples And More

Medical cannabis dispensary Barbary Coast, located at 952 Mission St., is planning to expand into the adjacent space at 950 Mission St. The expansion will nearly double the dispensary's size (from the current 2,000 square feet to a total of 3,500 square feet), allowing it to offer on-site tastings of cannabis and edibles, along with other new services.

"Right now, it’s a full selection of cannabis and cannabis products, but no on-site consumption allowed. It’s a to-go menu only," said attorney Brendan Hallinan of the attractive, antique-looking dispensary's current setup. When it opens in about two months, the new space will allow clients to sample a small bite or hit of a product to see if it's for them before they commit to purchasing a larger quantity, much like sampling a cheese or meat at a deli or a sip of wine at a tasting bar.

"When people are doing product demos, customers will be able to try the product instead of going home and trying it and coming back," Hallinan said. "You can ask questions."

Barbary Coast, a nonprofit owned by BCSF Inc. that opened in 2012, offers a wide-ranging menu of cannabis products, including smokable cannabis and joints, vaporizable cannabis, capsules, drinks, gummies, oral sprays, tinctures, drinks, sweets, hard candy, truffles, chocolates, caramels, and sundae toppings. The dispensary also topical creams that have no psychoactive properties. "These are great for things like joint pain; arthritis; chronic pain," Hallinan said. All customers must have a state-issued medical marijuana identification card or a valid doctor's note before buying.

Hallinan said that the dispensary tests every product it sells in a laboratory. "They test for pesticides, mold, fungus, and THC, to see how strong it is ... You’re making an educated decision with the products you take.”

The new expansion will include a dedicated area for massage therapy, sound healing, acupressure and other treatment modalities, Hallinan said. Barbary Coast currently offers all those services toward the back of the dispensary, but it's not the most relaxing environment when it's busy. The new space will also host nutrition classes and community meetings. 

Marijuana cultivation will be done on-site in the new space, too, but Hallinan said it won't be a full grow facility. Instead, it will offer small starter plants to clients who wish to grow their own. 

Not a single complaint has been filed against the Barbary Coast since its 2012 debut, according to Hallinan, and there was no opposition to the new expansion. "Not a single call," he said. The dispensary received 50 letters and 2,000 signatures in support of the changes. Hours will remain the same: 8am–10pm. We'll keep you posted on the debut of the expanded dispensary. 

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Cannabis dispensary expanding offering on site samples more services