Second Magic Cottage Preschool Location Coming To 11th Avenue

The Magic Cottage Preschool on 11th Avenue will soon be opening a second location to allow it to serve more children. The new location is at 1427 11th Ave., near Judah, which is just a couple of blocks down the hill from the original location on 11th Avenue near Lawton. JaneĀ Yurkevich, the owner of Magic Cottage Preschool, tells us, "The demand for our preschool was greater than the room we had for children, so we are opening this new classroom to have more room for more kids."

The preschool focuses on a social and emotional play-based teaching style patterned after the "Tools of the Mind" work of Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky. The owner told us that people find this method of teaching similar to that used in Waldorf education.

The program includes language, arts, music, tactile and sensory exploration, lots of outdoor play, cooking and baking, and family-style meals. Field trips are scheduled regularly to local nature destinations, including the nearby Garden for The Environment.

The new classroom is located in a commercial space that has been vacant for a year, and has previously been both a bakery and a speakeasy. The new classroom will serve 15-19 children, slightly fewer than the 24 at the original location.

According to a handwritten addendum to a sign in the window, there is an open house scheduled at the new location for August 23rd at 3pm, so if you're interested in enrolling a child in the school, stop by next Sunday to learn more.

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