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Ready Or Not: Work Resumes On Upper Haight Infrastructure Project Today

The infrastructure project along Haight Street, now somewhat notorious for a sinkhole and a ruptured gas line in the neighborhood, resumes with work on the sewer line on Haight between Masonic and Ashbury today. Expect no parking and clogged traffic around the eastern end of the Upper Haight for the next month.

You almost definitely heard the street being chopped apart last Monday, as it was loud enough that people were walking down the street with their hands over their ears. It turns out that last Monday's work was a preliminary step in the complicated work that begins this week, and will continue through September.

According to Alex Murillo at San Francisco Public Works, the crew is slated to begin work under the street, taking out the old footings that supported the cable car tracks that used to run along Haight. It's expected that removing the old infrastructure will take about three weeks on just the Masonic-Ashbury block, at which point work will move east.

Once that phase is complete, beginning about September 17th, DPW will start the excavation process. They estimate that will also take about three weeks as well. The "more extensive" work of installing the new sewer line will begin "in a few months."

We'll continue to keep you updated.

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