Man Shot Near Haight & Stanyan Whole Foods

Last night, we received a tip from reader Andrew about a shooting near the Upper Haight location of Whole Foods.

"Somebody got shot in the Whole Foods parking lot tonight around 9pm," he wrote. "Cops wouldn't tell me anything other than that. Three shots were fired."

Redditors also chimed in about the shooting, with one offering an eyewitness account: "The guy who was shot ran into a nearby bar and escaped onto the roof of Whole Foods before the cops picked him up. I assume he's in the hospital, because people said he was bleeding badly. The cops stayed for an hour talking to people and left. I don't think they caught the shooter."

Today, the SFPD reports that the victim, a 41-year-old man, was shot in the groin near Alvord Lake just before 9pm. The victim fled the area on foot, and according to police, "ran into a business on Haight Street and went up the back stairs to the roof, where he jumped to the roof of another building, causing him to fall back to the street level." It's not clear if the second roof was that of Whole Foods, and whether or not he jumped off of it.

The victim was described as "uncooperative," refusing to give further details to police. He was transported to SF General with non-life-threatening wounds, and no arrests have been made.

The incident follows a stabbing at the Upper Haight Whole Foods last August, as well as multiple incidents of minor violence near the Haight & Stanyan intersection. We've reached out to the SFPD and the Haight Whole Foods for more information, and will update accordingly. 

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