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Following Mishaps, Upper Haight Infrastructure Work To Resume

Despite going on hiatus after a fourth gas line break last Saturday, the crews for the much-maligned Haight infrastructure project came out again this morning, doing some work on Haight between Ashbury and Masonic. 

According to Alex Murillo, DPW's public affairs officer, the crews were there to secure some metal plates in the road. The plates, which have been covering the hole in the middle of the street since the last gas line rupture, have been rattling loudly every time a bus drives over them, disturbing some neighbors; hopefully, that will end today.

The rest of the work will resume this coming Monday, September 28th. DPW has been working with Ghilotti Brothers, the contractors for the project, to nail down a safety plan.

In an email to the Haight Ashbury Merchants Association, Murillo said that Ghilotti Brothers has obtained equipment that will help identify the location and depth of underground utilities. Going forward, Ghilotti Brothers will also be responsible for informing businesses in advance of work happening in front of their spaces, and for implementing a strict step-by-step emergency protocol in the event of another utility line break. 

As for the parking situation, it's still up in the air: the signs came down, went up again, came down again, then went up yet again. To be on the safe side, don't count on parking anywhere around the Haight & Ashbury intersection come Monday morning.

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