San Francisco

5th Gas Line Rupture Hits The Haight

Yes, this is really happening again.

Yet another gas line rupture occurred in the Haight this morning, the fifth such incident in the area since construction began on the long-running Haight Street infrastructure project

Haight Street is currently closed from Masonic to Ashbury, and residents are being asked to evacuate or shelter in place.

Update, 12pm: NBC reports that gas line break occurred at 1427 Haight St., between Masonic and Ashbury streets, and was reported at 10:37am.

Update, 2pm: The scene is now clear.

The latest rupture comes after frustrations from local merchants over the four previous gas ruptures prompted a brief construction hiatus in September.

Work resumed on Sept. 28th, with DPW public affairs officer Alex Murillo telling merchants that Ghilotti Bros., the contractor tasked with the construction, had taken measures to avoid future issues. Murillo said Ghilotti had obtained equipment to help identify the location and depth of underground utilities, and implemented a strict step-by-step emergency protocol.

We'll update this post when the coast is clear. In the meantime, steer clear of the area—if you've got a choice. 


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