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Published on October 07, 2015
Waystone Wine Bar Coming To The Warfield Building Next SummerPhoto: Brittany Hopkins/Hoodline

The Twitter building may be changing the dining scene at the western end of Mid-Market, but many living and working closer to Sixth Street still bemoan the area's limited selection of eateries. By next July, however, there will be at least one new option on the ever-evolving strip: called Waystone, it's the latest venture by Tom Patella, a partner in the Marina's popular bistro Causwells.

Patella's wife Alison — who's helping to launch the project — confirms that the wine bar will be located next to Equator in the Warfield building and will cater to lunch-seekers, downtown shoppers, and the after-work crowd. 

"That area, it just doesn't have a lot going on," Alison said, noting that while it is up-and-coming, workers and shoppers in the area are forced to grab bites at the mall or other tourist-oriented venues nearby.

Waystone's menu is still under development, but with items like a charcuterie bar, deconstructed sandwiches and salads, as well as wine, beer and cocktails, it'll feel accessible for casual lunches, business meetings and heartier dinners, she said.

Given that the space is currently an empty box and all of the furnishings will be created from scratch, they're looking at a July 2016 opening. And while it's still early stages, initial plans for the interior point to a warm and welcoming design with modern, natural elements to complement the building's brick walls and concrete floors, she added.

While lunch and late-night options may seem limited now, Waystone is one of a growing number of high-profile establishments jumping on the opportunity to beef up the neighborhood's dining scene. This summer, we learned that Tom's partner at Causwells, Alvin Garcia, is on the hunt for a location in Mid-Market or the Tenderloin to house his future burger joint. Just across the street, the private event venue The Village is expediting plans to open a public cafe this fall. And a block away, at the corner of Turk and Taylor, Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi's healthy fast-food spot Loco'l, the brick-and-mortar location of ice-cream truck Garden Creamery, and the revival of cocktail bar Big are all in the works.

Moving into the Warfield comes with an added bonus: The owners of the building are in the process of finalizing plans for a residential and hotel development, which could bring a host of new residents, tourists and retailers to the first block of Turk and the 900 block of Market by 2018.

We'll share more details as Waystone takes shape.