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Jammin' On Haight Producing Summer Of Love Documentary

The 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love is about a year and a half away, and the neighborhood is already planning for an even bigger draw than 2007's 40th anniversary, which drew "tens of thousands of fans." 

Christian Calinsky of Taking It to the Streets, which works with Haight Street's homeless youth, recently pointed out to the Guardian that the neighborhood is likely "going to be a madhouse," and the city should prepare. A Facebook group dedicated to the 50th anniversary already boasts more than 12,000 members.

One local business is already at work on a project in honor of the occasion. Jammin' on Haight, the tie-dye and psychedelia store at 1400 Haight, is creating a documentary that will examine the past 50 years of this "historic neighborhood, city, and the counterculture it gave birth to." This Wednesday at 7:30pm, they're hosting a community meeting at their 1400 Haight St. store to share their ideas, discuss the project, and solicit input. 

"The event on November 4th is open to everyone," said Sunny Powers, co-owner of Jammin', via email. "We would love anyone and everyone who is interested in being part of this documentary or who has anything to say about Haight Street over the past 50 years to come to the meeting and have their perspective told. This is our chance to write our own history."

Part of the project involves a petition to call Haight Street "Luv Street" for a day, as Powers explained: 

Recently, our CEO, Ben "Jammin," went to the Symbiosis Gathering. He learned that most of the youth there not only did not know when the Summer of Love was, but they also didn't know what Haight Street was.

Ben "Jammin" spent his youth on Haight Street; myself, I am a native and a tour guide as well. We have watched Haight Street change and morph. We took over the old Positively Haight Street and made it our mission to revitalize the street and bring back the color and the creativity that this street is historically known for.

We thought a great way to bring attention to this street and its history was to make a documentary on the importance of Haight Street and the Summer of Love. And since it is the 50th anniversary on June 21, 2017, we would like to change the name of Haight Street to LUV Street, cause HAIGHT, anyway you spell it, is complicated, even LOVE can be complicated, but LUV... that is simple and it is good, and we need to bring the good and the love back to Haight Street.

The Summer of Love documentary will be directed by Charles Shaw (Exile Nation, White Panther), and Powers and co. are hoping to get it distributed to a major network eager for content to commemorate the 50th anniversary. 

In the comments below, Shaw tells us that some proceeds from the film will be donated to Taking It to the Streets, as well as the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, and RockMed (not all proceeds will be donated to Streets, as we had written earlier).

Powers is on the board of Streets, and Jammin' on Haight routinely donates clothes and proceeds from its events, in addition to employing a number of the people working for Streets. "We are firm believers that to fix a problem, you have to dive in and cover it with rainbows and sparkles," Powers said of Streets.  "Luv will heal the Haight."

We'll keep you updated on both the documentary and the preparations for the 50th anniversary as they move forward. 


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