Rolling-Out Cafe Fundraising For Parkside's First-Ever Parklet

Although the Parkside neighborhood is outside of our typical coverage area, we thought Inner Sunset neighbors might be interested to learn that it's getting its first parklet in March. The parklet, located near Rolling-Out Café on Taraval Street between 27th and 28th Avenues, has been in the works since 2012 and is slated to break ground in early January.

According to Rolling-Out owner Bruno Tse, the long incubation period was due to the Parkside's many hills, which have deterred other parklets from being built in the area. Because the slope outside his café is a steep seven percent grade, installing a parklet posed engineering and accessibility challenges.

Despite a seven percent grade, the new parklet will be ADA-compliant. (Image: Google Street View)

Tse said he consulted with architects and San Francisco Public Works to ensure that the parklet's design conforms with the Americans with Disabilities Act and various city codes. Wheelchair users will be able to enter the proposed parklet via a ramp, ­­to enjoy scenic views of Ocean Beach.

To cover the parklet's design and construction costs, Tse, a former chemist, is selling sponsorships for each element in a periodic table that will be incorporated into the parklet's design. For $100 or more, donors can have their names inscribed on an element; contributors of $2,500 or more will be assigned the elements Tantalum, Radium, Vanadium and Aluminum, ultimately spelling out "Taraval."

Plans for the parklet's periodic table. 

Tse said he hopes to raise $27,000, roughly half of the total building cost for the parklet. The other half has been funded through neighborhood grants from the city. (Full disclosure: this reporter has contributed $100 to the parklet.)

"I want the parklet to be a community project, where everyone can contribute and chip in," said Tse. So far, he's raised about $15,000 from neighbors and other businesses in the area, including Kingdom of Dumpling and Great Wall Hardware. One of the donors was District 4 Supervisor Katy Tang, whom Tse credits with helping the parklet come to life.

Donors can contribute in person at Rolling-Out Café, or email Tse at rollingoutcafe [AT] gmail [DOT] com for more information. The fundraising campaign ends at the end of January.

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Rolling out cafe fundraising for parkside s first ever parklet