Divis Corner Store 'Michael's Pit Stop' To Become Office Space

It's been 10 months since Michael's Pit Stop vacated the corner retail spot on Page and Divisadero, and while construction has been constant, no sign of a new lessee has emerged—until now. Despite its foot-traffic-friendly location and retail zoning, the former convenience store is becoming an office.

Building owner Arthur Leung confirmed to us that marketing and design firm Upperquad, which rents the adjacent storefront as an office, will be expanding into the former Michael's space.

Though Upperquad has occupied its current space for over five years, many neighbors may be unfamiliar with it: its presence is marked only by a subtle "U" on the door. We reached out to the company to learn more about its plans, but have yet to receive a response. 

1001 Page when it was Michael's Pit Stop. (Photo: Nuala Sawyer/Hoodline)

Since Michael's moved out, the future Upperquad space has undergone a full retrofit and renovation—the floor was dug up, walls stripped down to their supports, and glass removed from the old ceiling-high windows. Hidden behind the colorful plywood is a sleek and modern room, with frosted glass windows and a modern black exterior.

The evolution of retail space into offices isn't new: in September, for example, the former home of Jumpin' Java on Noe Street was turned into an architect's office. With rents for office space skyrocketing, storefront retail spots may have increased appeal for small businesses—and for landlords, who are able to rent to an already established business instead of a risky new retail venture.

Nonetheless, the move will be a disappointment for some locals. In our previous article about Michael's closure, many commenters mentioned wanting a donut shop or another corner store to move in.

Have you seen any other SF retail spots turn into offices? If so, let us know in the comments. 

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