Dog, Skateboard Involved In Yet Another Haight & Stanyan Stabbing

Yet another violent crime has been reported at the troubled Haight & Stanyan intersection, just days after a man was shot in the forearm there.

According to police, an argument broke out between two men around 5:30pm yesterday evening. One of the men, 36, struck a dog belonging to the other man, 20-27, with his skateboard. The younger man responded by stabbing the man in the shoulder with a knife. He fled, and was not apprehended.

The incidents this week follow a history of violent altercations at the western end of Haight Street. Last month, two men were stabbed, one fatally, at the same intersection. It was also the site of a September shooting.

Much of the turmoil had centered around the McDonald's at the intersection. In May 2015, City Attorney Dennis Herrera sent a demand letter to McDonald’s headquarters, citing ongoing "narcotics trafficking" and "other public nuisance conditions" at the Haight & Stanyan location, and noting that the location "generated nearly 1,110 calls" to SFPD since January 2012.

In October, the McDonald's franchisee reached an agreement with Herrera's office to install better lighting and more security. But issues still remain in the area of Alvord Lake, which has seen its share of violent incidents in recent years. 

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