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New Super Bowl '50' Statue Facing Painted Ladies Has Already Been Vandalized [Updated]

A giant new "50" statue has appeared in Alamo Square as part of Super Bowl 50, taking place later this month. Ten of the statues, which weigh 1,600 pounds, will be installed throughout the Bay Area, marking important landmarks for visiting tourists. Thanks to self-contained power generators, they also light up at night.

The Alamo Square statue is the third installed so far, after City Hall and the Palace of Fine Arts. According to blogger Mark Purdy, each statue has its own theme: Alamo Square's is patterned with coins used in the pre-game coin flip, while City Hall's is decorated with championship rings. The NFL is keeping future statue locations under wraps until they're unveiled.

Update, 1:28pm: Though it's brand-new, Alamo Square's "50" statue has already been vandalized, according to Tom Schubert, structural designer for Bluemedia, which created the statues. The statue was designed with graffiti-proof coating, and Bluemedia was able to quickly remove the marks. "It has a few scratches, but is basically fine," he said.

The Alamo Square statue isn't the only "50" to have been vandalized. The sculpture at City Hall had its solar panels ripped off, Schubert told us. 

Photo: R.A. Schuetz/Hoodline


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