Fur Hunt: Decades Of Fashion Closed For Mysterious Fish & Wildlife Search [Updated]

Decades of Fashion, one of the Upper Haight's legion of vintage clothing stores, is currently closed for business while the building is searched by officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Andrew Hughan, a Fish & Wildlife information officer who was present at the scene, said Fish & Wildlife was exercising a search warrant for the property. He was unable to say what they were looking for, except that it might involve parts of banned or illegally obtained animals.

Hughan was quick to add that the warrant didn't mean they would find anything illegal or that Decades of Fashion had operated illegally, but only that they were following leads about possible banned contraband.

We'll keep you posted when the results of the search are known.

Thanks to anonymous tipster G.

UPDATE, 6:54pm: Officer Hughan said in an email this evening that the raid yielded "dozens of coats, shoes, boots, belts, jewelry and other items." He said the store was cited, and the investigation was still underway. He said the decision to file charges had yet to be made, and lies with the District Attorney's office. 

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