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Picturing The Outer Sunset, Then And Now

Once a sandy hinterland, the city's western edge has seen its fair share of changes over the last century. 

With help from SFMTA's Historical Photo Archive, today we bring you a look at how the Outer Sunset's streets and unpaved roads once looked, compared with pictures of the same locations today.

How much has changed, and what's stayed the same? Take a look:

20th Avenue and Ulloa Street Looking West

September 24, 1917

February, 2016:

Streetcars at L Line Terminal on 47th Avenue and Wawona Street

March 14, 1940:

February, 2016:

Lincoln Way and 44th Avenue Looking West Towards Ship on Pacific Ocean

January 2, 1919:

February, 2016:

Lincoln Way Between 40th Avenue and 41st Avenue Looking West

October 3, 1916:

February, 2016:

Raising Streetcar Tracks on H Street (aka Lincoln Way)

June 28, 1909:

February, 2016: (Note: a commenter points out that this photo is likely taken from the opposite direction)

Streetcar Track Construction at Lincoln Way and 37th Avenue Looking East

December 1, 1931:

February, 2016:

Taraval Street and 23rd Avenue Looking East

June 10, 1914:

February, 2016:

Taraval Street and 22nd Avenue Looking West

November 4, 1912

February, 2016:

B Line Terminal at Cabrillo Street and Great Highway

April 4, 1940:

February, 2016:

Lincoln Way Between 35th Avenue and 36th Avenue Looking West

November 14, 1918

February, 2016:

Construction on Streetcar Tracks at Lincoln Way and 46th Avenue Looking West

December 12, 1913:

February, 2016:

Lincoln Way East of 44th Avenue Looking West

July 31, 1914:

February, 2016:

Lincoln Way Looking West from 42nd Avenue

January 8, 1914

February, 2016:

And finally, here's an animated look at the difference between the Taraval & 23rd of 1914 and today:

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Outer Sunset, Parkside

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