Overnight Car Acrobatics Reported On Haight Street

The 400 block of Haight Street saw some excitement in the wee hours of this morning, with a vehicle flipping onto its roof sometime before 2am.

Tipster Greg B. has an eyewitness report:

"I was walking home from the Toronado tonight shortly before 2am only to discover police cars surrounding a completely flipped over car on Haight Street between Fillmore and Webster. From talking to people standing around, there were apparently no witnesses to what actually happened, but a lot of people standing around wondering, "How the hell do you even DO that?"

Once the car was flipped onto its wheels again, he noticed an Uber sticker in the window.

An ambulance at the scene took the driver away, but police said the driver was "mostly fine. Possibly injured, but not seriously," according to Greg. 

It's certainly not the first flipped car we've noted around the neighborhood. In 2013, we had this strange incident at Scott & Steiner, and 2011 saw a bizarre Mini Cooper accident on Steiner & Germania.

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