Open-Air Art Exhibition Now Appearing Around Alvord Lake

After a particularly brutal month for crime around Alvord Lake, finally there's some good news for the area at the eastern end of Golden Gate Park.

Earlier this month, we told you about Supervisor Breed's plan to activate the Alvord Lake area with the help of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department. This week, SF Rec & Park announced that they're partnering with Red Umbrellas, a non-profit organization of local independent artists whose mission is "to bring fine art into public spaces more frequently and more regularly." Red Umbrellas currently holds open-air art exhibits all around the city, and you've probably seen them in places like Washington Square Park, and the music concourse in Golden Gate Park. 

You may have also noticed the art show around Alvord Lake last Saturday. Rec & Park and Red Umbrellas did a trial run last weekend, placing the art walk along the pathways near the lake, and they've decided to continue the partnership.

Photo: Susan Strolis

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with SF Rec & Park, the local business community and residential community. Red Umbrellas looks forward to demonstrating the role art can play in revitalizing and activating our public spaces,” said Stephen Bruce, Red Umbrellas president, in a press release. “Red Umbrellas Art exhibits facilitate direct and frequent contact between artists and the public. The art shows enliven our plazas and parks with the excellent work of emerging and established local artists.”

“Alvord Lake is the gateway to Golden Gate Park; it should be an inviting place for everyone. Frankly, right now it isn’t,” said Supervisor Breed in a press release. “I’m excited we’ve found a creative way to bring activity and art into this beautiful space and allow the entire community to enjoy Alvord Lake once again.”

Susan Strolis, organizer of the monthly Alvord Lake cleanup efforts, said in an email that she's looking forward to the art walks, and she wishes this endeavor the best of success. 

Right now, Red Umbrellas is committed to two days per week at Alvord Lake through the rest of the summer. The next dates today (Thursday, June 30th) and Saturday, July 9th. You can see the full schedule at this link.

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