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Outer Sunset Crime: Mystery Stabbing Outside Durty Nelly’s, Guitar Argument, More

While property crimes were lower in May after improved staffing, they continue to be a topic of concern in the Outer Sunset neighborhood. Tonight, residents can discuss crime and safety and hear directly from Captain Flaherty and the SFPD at a community meeting at Taraval Station. These meetings have restarted after demand from the neighborhood, and will take place monthly.

Below, we’ve looked through recent police reports to highlight some of the crimes that have taken place in the Outer Sunset neighborhood.

Man Stabbed By Stranger Outside Durty Nelly's

On Friday, June 10th, a man was stabbed outside of Durty Nelly’s at 24th and Irving around 1:25am. The victim had just arrived at the bar and ordered a drink when he walked outside to send a text. He suddenly felt someone stab him in the back, puncturing him in the lung.

The victim initially followed the suspect, and later said that he did not recognize the man who had stabbed him. He was taken to the hospital, where he recovered from his injuries.

According to surveillance video of the crime, the suspect is a man who is about 5’6”, 150 pounds, with prescription glasses and twirling a sharp object in his left hand. As the victim had not been robbed, police told ABC7 that they had been unable to determine a motive, and were concerned that the man would strike again.

SFPD Foils Attempted Burglary in Broad Daylight

While on patrol around noon on Thursday, June 16th, an SFPD officer noticed three juveniles acting suspiciously in front of a house on the 2200 block of 24th Avenue (between Quintara and Rivera Streets). Three to four loud bangs were heard before two suspects emerged from the front door. They joined the three juvenile suspects previously mentioned, and all five began running towards McCoppin Park.

The victim came out and told the patrol officer that he had been watching TV while the suspects had tried to break into the house. When he heard the banging, he opened the door to investigate, and that was when the suspects ran away.

Multiple police officers responded, and all five of the suspects were located. As they were all juveniles, the suspects were transported to the Community Assessment and Referral Center, where they will be cited for attempted burglary.

Loud Guitar Playing Leads to Argument, Battery Charge

A man living on the 2300 block of 46th Avenue called in a battery report at approximately 3:50pm on Tuesday, June 14th. He explained that his neighbor was playing an amplified guitar outside. The man had previously made noise complaints about his neighbor in the past.

Wishing to work things out, the man went over with mediation paperwork. However, the guitar player grabbed the papers, crumpled them up, and threw them in the victim’s face. He did this again after the papers fell to the ground, and then returned to his home.

The victim called the police, but the suspect had already left before they arrived. 

Stuck Door Inspires Fight Between Two Neighbors

After being unable to open his door when he returned home at 6:48pm on Saturday, June 11th, a man living on the 2300 block of 21st Avenue believed that his neighbor had glued it or taped it shut on purpose. The man confronted his neighbor, who lives upstairs.

The second neighbor said that he did not know why the door was stuck, or why the man was upset.

Witnesses saw the two neighbors begin arguing and pushing each other, but did not see any punches. Both men later claimed that the other had thrown the first punch. Responding officers cited both men for battery.

Trespasser Demands Money, Free Drinks From Store Customers

On June 17th at 2:34pm, a man was cited for trespassing at a store on the 1800 block of Irving Street (at 19th Avenue). The suspect had asked customers for money and free drinks, despite having a history with the store and previously having been advised to not return. After officers located the suspect, he received a trespassing citation.

If you have information about any of these crimes, contact San Francisco Police Department's anonymous tip line (415) 575-4444 or send a text message to TIP411 that includes "SFPD." You can also send us information on crimes in the neighborhood via our tipline


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