The Panhandle's Basketball Courts Are Getting A Facelift

The gradual progress of upgrades to the Panhandle is continuing this week and next with improvements to its basketball court.

The work, which is funded by the Good Tidings Foundation and the Warriors Community Foundation, is set to include new hoops, which were being installed Thursday, and a regraded court surface. 

Funding for the project is separate from the community bonds and city funding appropriated for the rest of the Panhandle's upgrades, which are scheduled to continue over the second half of this year.

While the courts are closed, Red & Parks recommends making use of those at Grattan playground on Stanyan, Rossi playground on Arguello, or Hamilton Rec Center at Geary & Steiner.

The other park improvements set to occur over the course of the fall include pedestrian improvements; new signs, benches, and trashcans; better lighting; bicycle racks; and an updated playground. Designs for the pedestrian improvements have already been submitted, and are slated for implementation imminently.

Stay tuned for traffic closures and bike route alterations when the work commences.

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