San Francisco

Underground Explosion Blows Off FiDi Manhole Cover [Updated]

A manhole cover blew out of the ground around 8:30am this morning at Bush and Kearny streets, after an explosion in an underground PG&E electrical vault. According to the SFFD, no one was injured in the explosion (or by the manhole cover), but locals are being asked to avoid the area while PG&E addresses the issue, and there may be some traffic backups. 

Curious what an electrical vault is, or why it might explode? This article from Popular Mechanics has more info. 

Update, 1:36pm: According to the Chronicle, the explosion was caused by a burst fire hydrant at Belden Place and Bush, which occurred around 6:30am. Water from the hydrant gushed into the underground vault and caused an electrical problem.


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