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Used Record Shop, Cleaning Service 'Originals Vinyl' Headed To Hayes & Fillmore

Next month, the long-vacant former corner store at Fillmore and Hayes will be resurrected from the retail afterlife. The 1,100-square-foot space will become the new home of Originals Vinyl, a used record shop that also offers ultrasonic vinyl cleaning services.

Owned by brothers Matthew and Dominic Siracusa, Originals Vinyl hopes to add a new stop on the already well-worn path of record shops in the area, which include Vinyl Dreams, Rooky Ricardo's, Groove Merchant and Jack's Record Cellar at Scott and Page.

Originals Vinyl owners Dominic (left) and Matthew Siracusa.

Matthew and Dominic grew up collecting records, citing their hobby/obsession as a great source of bonding as teenagers. They went on to become hip-hop DJs around the Bay Area, all the while amassing a king's ransom in vinyl—of all genres. 

About two and a half years ago, the two went in on an expensive ultrasonic record cleaning machine, and began hosting record swaps where people could meet up, buy and trade music, and get their dusty records cleaned on the spot. 

Eventually, the brothers secured a tiny retail location (just 140 square feet) in the ActivSpace complex at 18th and Treat in the Mission. They opened up shop last April, and customer demand grew so quickly that they began seeking a larger location.

"We've gotten such a great response, and people have taken such a liking to us, that we needed more space," Matthew told us. "Everything will be better in the new location."

Inside Originals Vinyl's Mission location.

Originals Vinyl has two ultrasonic cleaning rigs at its current location, but one of them is located in an upstairs office, slowing down the process quite a bit. The new space will allow the machines to be operated side-by-side in one place.

Why ultrasonic vinyl cleaning? According to Matthew, traditional vinyl cleaning requires the use of a cleaning solution and a brush, which pushes debris further into a record's grooves. The debris creates static electricity, ultimately attracting more dust. Ultrasonic cleaning uses only distilled water and sound waves to restore records to their youthful selves. The service costs $2.50 per record, and includes a new inner and outer sleeve. 

The ultrasonic cleaning rig.

In addition to cleaning, the new Originals Vinyl location will continue to offer a selection of used records for both hardcore DJs and mild enthusiasts. Records start at $1, and go much higher for original pressings or collectors' items. 

The brothers also plan on hosting in-store DJ performances, to help build a community vibe around their business. 

"We're looking forward to becoming part of the record circuit that is Haight Street," Dominic said. "We're excited to be in more of a residential area, and hopefully to become the neighborhood record store for Alamo Square. We want to plant roots and become part of the fabric of the neighborhood."

Originals Vinyl is set to open on Fillmore in mid- to late September, with the Mission location closing up around the same time. Be on the lookout for an opening party, which the Siracusas will announce as soon as they get settled. 

Thanks to tipsters Ron P. and Pete S. 

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