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Woman Dies After Rescue From Surf At Ocean Beach [Updated]

A woman in her 40s was rescued this morning from Ocean Beach. SFFD reports that she had life-threatening injuries and is in critical condition.  

The rescue began at 10:57am this morning at Ocean Beach and Lincoln. 

Rescuers from the National Park Service and the SFFD gave the victim CPR after rescuing her from the surf. (The victim was first erroneously identified as male.)

She responded to CPR, and has now been taken to a local hospital in critical condition. 

Despite its appeal to swimmers and surfers, Ocean Beach is considered a treacherous area for even the most experienced visitors. This latest incident came just three days after a 29-year-old surfer died at Ocean BeachTwo teenage boys also died after being overwhelmed by riptides in April. To stay safe, be aware of the dangers posed by Ocean Beach's heavy surf and unique geography.

Update, 1pm: According to ABC7the woman died after she was taken to UC San Francisco Medical Center. 

Update, 1:13pm: Hoodline spoke to Lt. Jonathan Baxter of the SFFD, who had more details of the woman's rescue and her death.

The rescue began at 10:47am, when a passerby saw the woman about 20 yards offshore in the water and called 911.

The National Park Service's beach patrol brought her back onto shore, where paramedics administered CPR for 20 minutes with "positive results," which Baxter explains means that responders were able to get a pulse.

However, the woman succumbed to her injuries at the hospital. The National Park Service is investigating the incident. 


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