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Public Selects Design Elements For Upper Haight Street Makeover

The Upper Haight Public Realm Plan, currently slated to begin work in 2018, is quietly coming together. In July, the SFMTA and SF Public Works put together a survey with choices about the potential future design of the Haight-Ashbury intersection and the Upper Haight overall, and today, the results are in.

According to project manager Amy Lam, 446 people filled out the survey, and 219 left comments. Of those 446 people, 83 percent live in the Haight, and the rest either work or visit frequently. The three elements the city put up for a vote were pedestrian-scale lighting, sidewalk color and finish, and the design of the Haight & Ashbury intersection and its markers. Here are the results: 

For lighting, option B, which they're calling "Syracuse," won with 55 percent of the vote over option A ("GranVille"). 

For sidewalk paving, option B, which is dark with a sparkle grain finish, won with 64 percent of the vote, over option A's plain grey concrete design.

The design for the Haight-Ashbury intersection was the tightest race. The option pictured above, which they've dubbed "Mosaic Floral Tile Pattern with Victorian Frame Gateway," won with 43 percent of the vote. 

The other two corner options, a blue mosaic tile and a gray mosaic tile, each got 28 percent of the vote.

Public Works says it will continue to develop designs based on the survey results, and it promises to keep us in the loop if there are updates or changes.


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